Friday, June 1, 2007

Interview ala Juned

I requested this interview from Juned. It's where you ask to be tagged or interviewed by the blogger.

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My answers to Juned's questions:

1) We are reading a book called Aileen Apolo. Describe the book physically. What is the book about?

It is a hard bound book, not brand new, but like those you'd find in your home library. It's been read a lot and you could tell because there are a lot of marks and folds. The book is a story book filled with adventure, mystery, fantasy and data. LOL.

2) You are Cinderella and you have now reached the end of your story, the part where you and your evil sisters are trying on the shoe. The first sister could not get the shoe to fit. And then the other sister slipped on the shoe with ease. Then Prince Charming exclaims, "We have found my bride!"

What would you do?

Well, if the Prince Charming was stupid enough to find me only through my shoe, then it means he is not really into me and is most probably not the right one for me. I would then approach him and tell him, "I would've expected you to think out of the box. It was me you do-do. Hmph!" Then I'd walk out, go back to my tower and sing with my friends, "Someday my prince will come..." Ay, Cinderella ba yun?

Hehehe. Sungit ko eh noh?

3) Create an evil fictional character. Describe its physically. What are its powers and why is it evil? And then how can it be defeated.

This is quite hard to answer. My Mom taught me not to think about evil and bad things. The fictional characters I did in the horror stories I wrote back in college were usually creatures that were ugly, stinky, slime-y, green with piercing, glowing red eyes who preyed on helpless people. It has the power to terrorize people based on their fear and the only way to defeat it is by facing up to your fears.

4) If you were invisible from sunrise to sunset for a day and only a day what would you do?

It is very tempting to be in places where there is a lot of information that I can learn and utilize, but I think there is a reason why I don't know about it. After all the training I've gotten to keep things to myself, I think I'd rather not know what I shouldn't know. Information is power, but my mission is different. It's best kept that way. So, I think I'll just stay home and play hide and seek with Miguel.

5) If Aileen Apolo were not with Google what would she be doing?

I'd be a consultant and I'd have started my export business by now.


  1. I like your answer to number 4 :)

  2. @juned - salamat po. It is, after all, a huge responsibility to hold important info :)