Friday, June 8, 2007

Being Silly

When we were kids it was alright when people see you talking to yourself. They'd say, "What an imaginative kid. She'll grow up to be a lucrative writer."

And when they see you messing around with your Lego, building blocks or putting together stuff with clay or whatever you can put your hands on, they'd say, "She'll become an engineer or an architect!"

And when your momma catches you writing on the wall, you'll get a spanking, but at the back of her mind she's thinking, "My child's going to be the next Picasso!"

How come we all grow up? Have responsibilities. Bills. Problems. Bad-hair days. Break-ups. Misery. Whatever.

Goodness, let's not think about those ugly things.

If there's one thing that I never lost despite everything I've been through, it's my talent of being silly. Yeah. SILLY.

Embrace life. Be happy. Be always happy. Things will ALWAYS be okay. Have faith.

That's just about it. I'm feeling quite silly now :)