Friday, September 16, 2022

Lakwatsera Fridays: South Farm in Panglao

We stayed in Panglao when we went to Bohol. We veered away from the usual tourist spots and thought it would be nice to visit a farm. I wanted to buy some seeds and experience being in a farm. After our short trip to Tagbilaran we headed to South Farm. 

First thing we did when we went to the farm is eat late lunch at Uma. They had a nice variety of food. Sweetie had this gorgeous piece of fish. I ordered spaghetti since it looked delicious from the photos. I included our Uma experience in this vlog (at 5:00). We had a nice time eating and chatting with our tour driver. I realized then that it's been awhile since I met a new person and listened to their life story.

We burned all the calories we ate after and walked around the farm. I excitedly went first to where the rabbits and guinea pigs were. I always wanted to have a pet rabbit. After seeing how much they eat I realized it's going to be hard since they eat a lot (also my doctor has prohibited me from having pets). I enjoyed the short time I spent with the rabbits and I got to hold one! 

Unique looking guinea pig.

After playing with the bunnies we went through the farm. It was inspiring to see very healthy plants and that spurred me to be more active in gardening. What I enjoyed was seeing many different farm animals. The goats even broke out of their pen! They immediately started eating a bush, haha. I didn't get scared because I felt they were just hungry and wanted to reach the plants outside. 

We soon reached the "lake" area where you can go fishing if you want. Around the lake were different kinds of birds. It was interesting to see them co-exist since they're usually separated in zoos/bird parks. The temp had cooled down by the time we reached the lake. I realized it would be nice to live in a farm. We originally looked at living outside of Metro Manila, but shelved it since we need to be in close proximity of our parents. 

South Farm was the only "touristy" thing we did in Bohol. It was fun and a different from what we usually do. I wasn't able to buy seeds since they didn't have any, but I'd be happy to come back and explore the farm more when we get to visit again. 

#BeKind #StaySafe 

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