Saturday, September 17, 2022

Plantita Saturdays: Propagating Garlic

Two weeks ago I placed a couple of garlic cloves in rain water. I re-used a plastic cup and put some holes on the cover so it could hold the cloves. It started to grow roots in just a day. I replaced the water every other day and was surprised at how fast the roots grew. 

After two weeks I noticed garlic stems* growing and thought it was time to re-pot them. The roots were quite long already and I thought it would probably need other nutrients to flourish. 

Got a pot, added soil and a bit of chicken manure and planted the cloves. I spaced them out a bit and hope they'll grow more. It will take 8 to 9 months before I could harvest garlic. I'll probably propagate another batch because I read that garlic is a good companion plant for tomatoes. They help ward off pests and that's what I need to do for my tomato plants. 

The ginger and tumeric I propagated and planted have grown a lot. They really loved living in soil. I've kept them in the garage since it's been raining like crazy. I think they get enough sun since our garage roof is translucent. 

I'm thinking about setting up another plant stand in the laundry area. It's behind the kitchen and I'm thinking it would be good to place "kitchen ingredient" plants there. I'm just having a hard time germinating some of the seeds. I think it was because I planted them during the typhoon, haha. I'll try again when I'm feeling better.

Happy gardening everyone!

*Also called garlic scapes

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