Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Creative Happy Tuesdays: The First Quilt Project I Made

We've been slowly going through our boxes and crates. Sweetie moved around some boxes and I caught a glimpse of something familiar. At the bottom of a crate I saw the first quilt project I made. I think I made it when I was a sophomore in high school. 

My first quilt project, circa 1990.

When I dug it out of the crate I was surprised to see it was still intact. It was one of the few things I kept after typhoon Ondoy put everything I owned under water. It was a quilt bag I made by hand. Mom cut it from retaso from Tita Maming's clothing export business. She used to export clothes to Japan and would give retaso to my Mom. It was one of the reasons my Mom had learned to quilt. She learned it by reading a book she got from the US, then she taught me (here's how she taught me). 

If I remember correctly, Mom taught me how to quilt during summer. She started by teaching me how to piece together squares. It eventually grew and I was able to piece together enough to make a bag. Mom bought the handle from Divisoria. I had to much fun making the bag I used it as a school bag. 

My lunch bag, circa 1990 too.

To match the bag, Mom had me make a lunch bag. I used that everyday also and I'm sure my lunchmates would still remember the bag. I also did the whole thing by hand and it even had some lace on it. I'm really surprised it's still intact and useful. If you notice from the bags, it didn't have any binding. Mom was the one who closed it for me (that's why the edges are clean). I only learned how to use binding a few years ago. 

I'm really glad my Mom taught me all these crafts. It was different every summer, crochet, embroidery, making bags from plastic straws, quilting, paper mache, beading etc. It was my Mama Lola though who taught me how to use a sewing machine. I wish though she taught me how to sew clothes. We were taught in sewing class, but I never really figured it out. 

I really enjoy keeping my hands busy. I've actually been spending less time online because I'd rather be busy with my crafts or garden. I'm currently working on making a cover for my oxygen concentrator. Once I finish it, I'll start planning for Christmas since I work so slowly. I wanted to make another quilt blanket, but since the t-shirt memory quilt took up 6 months of my quilting time I won't do one for now. 

It was nice to find the bags. Maybe I'll have it framed and I'll hang it here in my craft room :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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