Thursday, September 22, 2022

Throwback Thursday: Why DFAT was so Memorable

Back in 2008 the Davao bloggers organized the "Davao Food Appreciation Tour". We were so excited since it was the first of its kind. For a few days we hopped from one resto to another to feature their food in our blogs. It was dizzying since we would cover five to six places a day. The best thing about DFAT though is we gained a lot of new friends.  

DFAT 2008, Marco Polo Hotel

Because we had so much fun during DFAT 1, we signed up for DFAT 2 the next year. The organizers mixed in some activities in the itinerary. One activity they offered was ziplining at Outland Adventure. I immediately signed up for it since I enjoy ziplining. Sweetie wasn't keen, but he went along. What I didn't know was he conspired with our blogger friends to surprise me. 

Headed to Pepper & Peppers after the adventure.

When we arrived at the resort I was told to leave my smart phone in the car. It was for safety they said. I complied without a second thought. Apparently, they didn't want me to have access to the internet in case someone spilled the secret (someone announced the engagement before it happened haha). While waiting for my turn to go on the zipline, I wondered why Sweetie and I were split up. I even wondered more when I was put last on the line. 

The answer was waiting at the other end of the zipline. I was winded when I hit the stopper because my camera hit my chest. Then I saw the huge signage that said, "Sweetie, will you marry me?" Then I was surprised to see Sweetie on the platform with a ring. We shared the beautiful moment with so many of our friends from all over the country. 

DFAT is a happy memory from 2008 and 2009. We got busy with work and life after that and we were not able to join the tour anymore. Many things have happened also since then, but I'm happy I'm still able to keep tabs with what's happening with the friends we gained from that tour. They'll probably laugh at our old photos once they see it again. We were all so balingkinitan back then! Haha. 

Here are my DFAT photos:

2008 DFAT Day 1

2008 DFAT Day 2

2008 DFAT Day 3

2009 DFAT

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  1. The best plan ever. That's why it's also so memorable. I got to propose to you on a mountain. ❤️🤗