Sunday, August 19, 2007

Partying, Frogs and Just Hanging Out

Spending a quiet Sunday afternoon at home now. And I'm just simply sooooo lazy today. I think it's the first Sunday I'm home this month and it's been truly crazy the past few weeks.

Thank God I'm home!!!

Just a couple of random thoughts:

Time to Party!

Let's just relax and meet-up on Thursday. Free FOOD FOOD FOOD! And don't forget to submit your piece for the SM Hypermarket Blog Writing Contest.

What: SM Hypermarket Invites Bloggers to Party!
When: August 23, 2007, Thursday, 7:30 pm
Who: bloggers of any size, age, status or whatever
How: Just leave a comment on my blog or any of the coordinators blogs
Why: Party and awarding ceremonies for the winner of the SM Hypermarket blog writing contest and, of course, to meet many, many new friends!
Where: Taste Asia (beside SM Hypermarket), SM Mall of Asia

Sign-up by leaving a comment in this post or in the announcement post. Check if you've been registered here. You can also tag along a friend or two.

Frogs and Finding the One

I had a grand time the other night with Eilanna, Sorsi and a colleague at this bar/resto that makes the best chicken sisig in town. Yum yum! We girls definitely had fun much to my colleague's chagrin. He must've been pretty annoyed coz we were conversing in Filipino. You just have to learn to speak Filipino then hmmm? (But then so sorry for being rude, pero kelangan mo mag-aral mag-filipino kung gusto mo tumambay kasama kami!).

"You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince." Or something like that. This came up several times in the past week. Well, let's just say it's been my problem for the past four years. LOL.

Anyway, I remember being starstruck when I met Bo Sanchez a couple of months ago and you cannot imagine my kilig when I exchanged a couple of emails with him. Anyway, back to the frogs errr finding the one, I certainly espouse what Brother Bo said in his book, "How to Find Your One True Love" - meet guys, at least 5 a week, the worst thing that will happen is that you'll have a new guy friend. Now that's probably why I now have an oversupply of guy friends LOL. Well, I must warn the single girls though, sometimes it's not just a few frogs, but A LOT and many will leave pockmarks on you (well figuratively).

I just realized though that sometimes God makes you wait... wait... and wait! And wait and wait and wait. Get the picture? Well He does that. I used to get all upset like my dear friend, Sorsi, but I told her to just wait and see and keep herself busy for the meantime. It's not as easy as it sounds. Waiting is hard, but then, just think of it as an act of patience.

I think I'm not making any sense (as usual). Haha. Umm, let's just say my brain's like somewhere in the clouds (must have fallen out on the trip back from Singapore). Hmph. Anyway, here's my sweetie's favorite singer who's based in San Francisco, watch it, promise, nakakakilig.

If you wanna feel kilig, read these -

A Valentine Story
A Wedding Anniversary... 48 Years (got this from Sexy Mom)
Cebu Love Thoughts: How Will I Know He is the One (read the comments!)
The Proposal

Sorry, I must've bored you out by now... but I love reading about other people's love stories (despite being a Twisted Wedding Planner haha). Make kwento naman your kilig story.

Just Hanging Out

Sigh. I miss my friends. A lot of them have gone abroad already. So I dragged my friends, Denz and Matthew out last night to meet another friend, but due to unfortunate circumstances, we ended up hanging out just outside where we live. Oh well, I bumped into my Mom and Dad who I haven't seen for quite sometime and that made up for the misfortune. Here are some photos from last night's gimmick and after hearing mass this morning -


  1. Hmmm, basta ako, nakapagkwento na. :p

    Updates naman dyan hehe. :)

  2. @ederic - negotiations still undergoing hahaha.

  3. Anonymous2:57 AM

    now, i have some "kilig" reads, thanks!

  4. I'm in sis! sorry lah! late na naman ang aking confirmation! :D

  5. @sexymom - sana ako may ma-post naman na kakiligan about me dibah?

    @eilanna - at dito ka nag confirm! hehehe. i signed you up the other day pa hihihi.