Thursday, August 9, 2007

Drawing Strength

My Dad scolded me the other night (yup I did spend one night this week at home). I was whining about something and to shut me up he said, "Don't mind it. It comes with the territory."

That stopped me from panicking. My Dad listens to my no-end chattering everytime we're dining in our kitchen. He doesn't really say much and is kalog most of the time. When I say something preposterous, he'd just usually raise a brow and grunt a bit. I'm a Daddy's girl and my Dad is the only person who can really make me see reason whenever I'm upset. All my Dad has to do is say a line or a phrase and everything just seems to fall back into place. My logical side kicks in and then I'm back in tiptop shape.

I realized that things will not always be great. There would be times that everything may be going as planned, then disaster strikes (well I exaggerate). Sometimes it just gets out of proportion because of one's imagination and I think that's one thing I learned to control in the past week. It's not easy, but you just really have to believe in yourself and know what is the truth. There would always be instances and situations which you are thrust in because God knows you'll know how to handle them. He will not give you what you cannot bear.

My Dad may not be the most malambing father in the world, but he has taught me how to be strong and how to keep a clear head in the face of adversity (which gets me out of trouble most of the time and when all else fails I just scream, "Dadddddyyyyy!!!"). We were all brought up that way. It was my Ate's edge when she took the chemical engineering board exams. My Mom said then, "Just answer the test. It's just an exam and you don't need to panic." My Ate topped the board (#1). (Just had to say that coz I realize I never said anything about my Ate in this blog hehehe.)

Well, I'm the silliest among all of us and I guess I drive my Dad crazy a lot of times. I think he's already planning to sell me coz I'm still living with them. But then again, who's going to make kulit them when I'm gone? LOL.

Yeah I know, it's one of my emo posts again... I'm like stuck again in the airport and my flight's delayed again. Grrrrrrrr! Maybe I shouldn't blog whenever I'm at the airport.


  1. galing, top 1 ^_^

  2. Hehe... that's cute! You reminded me of my relationship with my dad!

    I also may go on and on, dad listens, shakes his head and with one phrase he gives me a world of advice that manages to balance me into tranquility :)

    Thank God for Dads! :)

  3. kami ng tatay ko mahilig gayahin ang mga boses nung mga oldies singers at kulitin ang nanay ko. yung mga kapatid ko naman ang mga boring heheheh. =)

    how i wish i have a laptop and could blog anywhere. i remember being waiting for my flight for about three hours at nakatingin lang ako sa kawalan dahil naubos ang battery ng walkman ko. :D

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    i was a daddy's girl, but he's gone now bless his soul! your are lucky--you have your dad, no matter what! whatever! whenever!