Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bahala na si Batman and Other PInoy Expressions

I think every culture has it. I mean every country has its special sauce of expressions. Malaysians say lah at the end of each sentence. Latinos say jeje instead of hehe. Australians are fond of using the word mate like how our Cebuanos say bai.

Little words but these are nuances that friends from other countries do not "get" when we speak them. Weird lang talaga ako. Anyway, this post actually came up when I was exchanging emails with dYu because of the Wika2007 blog writing contest which I have not started judging (accckk!). So, here are some of our favorite Pinoy expressions I could come up with:

1. Bahala na si Batman - sino nga ba si batman? (who is batman?). Normally said when we are at a bind, pressured or harassed.

2. Toxic/ngarag - favorite expression in the office or school connoting stress.

3. Wala lang - literally means nothing but could mean a thousand things especially when a girl says it to her boyfriend.

4. Hehehe - connotes being sheepish or sometimes being unsure of something said. It's also normally the ending in every chat message.

5. Uyyyy! - one of my favorites. This expression is used for teasing and is supposed to elicit a red-faced negating response.

6. Kiber - the equivalent of "whatever" (now how come I haven't gotten around to doing that "whatever" video... soon... soon... my videographer got sick when we were in Boracay).

7. Ano baaaaa - what gives? Ano baaaa

8. Toinks - the act of hitting ones self or another but only figuratively.

I'm sure there are many, many more Pinoy expressions that I've missed, but these are just some I use everyday. Care to share any more?


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I think you should also add in:

    Anek-anek: it means "Ano-ano". (Or just "anek" for "ano")
    Keri: Meaning, "kaya". (I don't know how you translate this in English.)

  2. Highschool pa yung toxic! We now use Haggard pag stressed sa schoolwork. Mas malalang form ng haggard ang Fatal pag tipong mamamatay na kami sa dami ng trabaho. Khari ang variation namin sa CMC ng Keri. Hehe. English ng Keri is "okay na yun!" or "Kaya na yan!" Hehe.

  3. Meron pa pala. Asus to replace 'Ay sus.'

  4. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Alam ko lang English

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Ay oo nga JM. Nakalimutan ko na yan. Heygs nga ang tawag namin nun. Short for 'haggard'. And yeah. Meron pa pala. Yung Walang reli. meaning walang relevance ang sinasabi mo.

    Hay... Madami pa niyan na ganyang lingo sa CMC.

  6. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Huwaaaaaat?? That's what I say when I'm dumbfounded.

  7. Yung "Sa presinto na magpaliwanag" ba eh common na, o sa office lang namin yun? Hehe.

    By the way, may entry ako on "Bahala na" and "I'm feeling lucky".

  8. Anonymous12:24 PM

    @ederic: I know another variant of that: Sa korte ka na magpaliwanag".

  9. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Ate Aileen... don't forget... "AMF!"

  10. Wow! I missed out a lot... dagdag ko later when I'm stable ground.

    @atomic girl - I should bug AJ to write about famous bakla expressions and anek anek haha.

    @JM - napaghalata tuloy ang era ko! hahahaha

    @andrew - huwhaaaat?

    @noemi - I'm sure may maalala kang Filipino expressions ;)

    @atomicgirl - walang reli? ooooh bago yun ah

    @ederic - sa presinto ka nga naman magpaliwanag... hiritin ko nga kay sweetie yan hahahaha

    @ria jose - amf amf amf! hahahaha

  11. Anonymous1:50 PM

    "Anak ng pating/tokwa/siomai/tinapay!"

    Uso pa po ba 'to o ako na lang ang gumagamit nito? LOL.

    "Kumusta naman?" Sinasabi kapag parang may isang bagay na 'di mo na kayang gawin o imposible nang gawin.


  12. Dapat bang kalimutan ang Chorvah na pang-replace sa Kwan? At Whatevs bilang pinaikling Whatever. Haha oo nga lolo nakalimutan ko yung Kamusta naman??! na madalas rin naming gamitin. =P

  13. Anonymous5:11 PM

    im just hered it from my cousin during work while chatting curious ako ok? regarding the food fest that will be held mamayang mga 7:30 ata aug 23.....i hope na mareserve ako thanks for the info....

  14. 48 years... Where did the number 48 come from???

  15. Anonymous1:34 AM

    at talagang may post na pala talaga ha :D

    "batman? hmmm parang magandang blog post topic yan ahh... hmmm..."

    kala ko biro lang hehe

    pasok ba sa listahan ang "may TAMA ka!" o kaya "MAY tama ka!!!"

    ah ewan hahaha

  16. Anonymous12:08 PM

    i like this post!

    yung Toxic na expression, i believe came from the call center crowd. thats how we usually call yung moment na halos tambak sa calls lagi...

  17. Anonymous3:43 PM

    very interesting topic. my two cents:

    Bahala na si Batman -- a variant of bahala sa si Lord or BAThala.

    Keri -- for kaya kong "dalhin" or carry.

    Toxic -- Medical students have been using this term for so long, to signify too much reading/studying (could be "toxic" to the brain).

    Other expressions (which could be passe na rin):

    Career or kinareer - to do something (an activity) seriously (i.e. OA or exxaj/exxag for exaggerated)

    Ganon? -- said with feelings, usually a reply that connotes agreement or otherwise (sometimes sarcasm).

  18. arra---weh..di nga???--instead of saying really?or using to insult someone1 hus bragging about something..

  19. haggard kahit grade 6 tapos may grade 7 pa hay nako