Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Written at an altitude of 11,583m, 1,140 miles away from home (so I'm just typing this out now)

I was busily brushing my teeth the other night at my friend's pad in Singapore and just thinking of mundane thoughts, when I saw a streak of white in my reflection.

No, not white heads. That's normal.

Not acne either...


White hair!


Miguel found one or two a few months ago and that was just about it. But that night, I found 3! At first I thought it was just one of my hairs' weird colors - my mop has a myriad of colors from black to blond - must be from my Chinese, Spanish and Pinoy ancestors. But WHITE HAIR? Gasp! I know it sounds mababaw but it did get me thinking why I have white hair at my age. Well, these are my thoughts on why I have white hair (I pulled all three out!):

1. Wisdom? Like the way Gandalf the Grey became Gandalf the White when he defeated that monster. Nah, I doubt.

2. Hair abuse? Nah, my mop is just wash and wear and the occasional gel to keep it down for my speaking engagements. I think the audience would find it funny to have a speaker with big hair. I've never tried straightening or doing hair rebonding and have only had 3 hot oils in my entire life. LOL.

3. From Dad? Must be hereditary. My brother started having white hair in his 20s. Well it may have been because of me haha.

4. Stress? Perhaps. Maybe. Most likely. When I'm stressed the physical manifestation shows up on my scalp. Weird huh. Try having 6 plane rides in 9 days and let's see if that doesn't stress you out. And gee I'm no one important and thanks to my colleagues and friends who have been rallying behind me to just continue my work. And to dispel rumors, I am still here! I've just been really busy lately. Hmpf! LOL.

Yeah, I know, just another mundane post and perhaps that is what we should remember. Enjoy life! I've been busy working and traveling and here are some photos from my latest lakwatsa (more to come in Lakwatsera Ako).

Oh and for those interested in taking a voice acting workshop my friend Pocholo, the genius behind Creative Voices Productions is hosting VoiceWorx, for more details you can visit their website at:, or call them up at 729-7274 during office hours.

And, don't forget to sign up for the party we are having on August 23!