Monday, August 6, 2007

Back to Being Silly

Hmmm... what to blog? What to blog?

Now that I've managed to sign-in in my Blogger account (using Globe Visibility - I'm a happy customer again!), I don't know what to blog about. Not because there's nothing to blog about, but because there's just too many stuff in my head! And I'm very excited about so many things!

Well, first things first, many, many thanks who left comments in my emo post. Hugs! Hugs to all! I really felt the warmth and care you guys were sending across the net. Awwww. I'm okay now. Hied off somewhere near the sea yesterday with Miguel and it was more than enough to make me calm and bubbly again. Nothing beats the breeze from the sea to put things back in proper perspective (when I was a kid I thought I was actually a mermaid! gave my Mom headaches when she couldn't get me to stop swimming hehe). My heartfelt thanks especially to those whose ears are still ringing from talking with me, you know who you are.

I just realized that it's really going to be a crazy, crazy month (check Stitching)! And my blog backlog list is getting longer. Urgh!!!

Oh well, I wanna be able to make a proper post and now my Ate Anne is already scolding me through Gtalk to sleep already.

Good night world!


  1. EgaddddddsSS! hehehe... di ko makita egads sa blog mo.. ^__^ pero ok na rin.. gagamitin ko na rin ang egads.. hehehe.. :)

  2. i once dreamed of becoming a fish. and in so many ways, I think I got what i wanted.

    having a lot of thoughts bursting in your head and not knowing which one to blog about is a good thing. it's infinitely better than having a vacuum in between your ears.

    interesting blog. i think i'm coming back.