Thursday, October 26, 2023

That Time We Met "Forrest Gump"

A lifetime ago I used to attend a lot of events. I eventually stopped attending because I felt it wasn't aligned with what I want to do with my blog, plus I got busy with work. One of the most fun events I attended was at Bubba Gump. They flew in the Forrest Gump impersonator, Steve Weber, to help promote the restaurant. 

Forrest Gump is a memorable movie. Tom Hanks played the role well and I guess Forrest resonated with a lot of us. Who could forget the line, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." I rarely remember movie quotes, but this is one that I do remember. And like a lot of the events I've attended, this event with Forrest Gump was memorable. 

Anyway, it seems Bubba Gump closed down here in Manila. Last time I was able to eat at Bubba Gump was in the US with the boys. Their food is good, most of it has shrimp in it (unfortunately I'm now allergic to shrimp). Do try it in case you are near one. Aside from the food, they have a lot of memorablia from the movie. 

I don't know why I randomly remembered this event from 2008. I guess the universe is telling me to watch the movie again, haha. 

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