Friday, October 20, 2023

One of Our Favorite Filipino Dishes, Pork Sisig with Mayo!

I don't know anyone who doesn't like sisig. It's one of our Filipino dishes that is prepared differently in every region and every household. Although I think more households prepare adobo than sisig at home since this dish is popularly served with beer as pulutan. Well, in our household it's something we like eating anytime with any kind of beverage (sometimes coffee if it's eaten as leftover for breakfast haha). 

I learned to cook a lot of dishes during the lockdown. We were stuck in Singapore and majority of the Filipino restos that offer delivery were located on the other end of the island. Delivery was expensive too, so we only ordered Filipino food during special occasions. I discovered that it's fairly easy to make sisig at home. I've been making it with or without mayonnaise. TBH, I prefer sisig with mayonnaise (my favorite one is in Davao!). 

Surprised Miggy last week and cooked a huge batch of pork sisig for the three of us. So the measurements for this are for a kilo of meat. Just halve it if preparing a smaller serving. It's surprisingly very easy to make, I took longer slicing the veggies than cooking it. Next time I'll just ask Miggy to cook it, haha. 

We don't eat spicy food at home, but just add sili if you want it spicy. :)

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