Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Retaso Project: Made an Old Notebook Look New

Found a lot of mementos while decluttering. I also found a number of notebooks collected from events and those given to me by colleagues. I just kept them for future use. I just kept a few since I can't possibly use all of them. Found one notebook that was wrapped in plastic and wanted to use it. 

I was disenheartened when I removed the plastic cover because the cover became brittle through the years. Specks of black material came off and I immediately put it back inside the plastic cover. The paper of the notebook is really nice, so I thought I could do something to fix the cover. 

I had an aha moment last week and realized I could use scrap fabric to make the notebook look new again. I found chunks of Harry Potter fabric I used for the HP quilt blanket I made for Jomar and Celine as a wedding gift. It was perfect for the retaso project and I finished it in one evening. 

Busted out my glue streaked cutting mat for the project. It was a bit messy, but I remembered how much fun I used to have when I used to make decorative boxes. Oh, maybe I could do this also for my old Ikea boxes. They have stood the test of time, but they need sprucing up. 

It's a simple project, but a nice way to save old notebooks na inaagnas. I didn't want to give away the notebook since it was already damaged. I was thinking of skipping buying a planner for next year and just use the notebooks I've collected. 

This retaso project was also a warm-up for me. I rested from doing any sewing the past two weeks since I've been unwell. I like making smaller projects since they're faster to finish, haha. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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