Friday, October 13, 2023

Homemade Pancakes!

When we were stuck in Singapore during the pandemic, one of the things we craved for was Maya pancakes! Tried other imported mixes, but only really liked the one by Maya. It's what I grew up with and we had it for breakfast often at home. 


Researched and found this recipe. Unfortunately, I don't remember anymore if I found it online or in one of my recipe books. If I like something, I usually write it down with my adjustments on an index card. Then I mark it with stars so I remember it's the recipe I should re-use. Here's how we make it at home -

The secret to cooking it nicely? I let Sweetie take over the cooking part, haha. One thing I'd like to try is to use healthier ingredients. Maybe wheat? Or I saw some prepare them with banana. We'll get there, in time. 

More info and complete recipe at 

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