Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Most Prominent Thing on My 13th Birthday

I was surprised to find scanned photos of my 13th birthday. Most of the photos were action shots and I was surprised I didn't even have a cake candle blowing photo. If I remember correctly, it was Kuya and Ate Joy who organized the party. My parents I think were away at that time.

It was my first birthday to have boys invited! Most of those who came were my classmates, bus mates and neighbors. It was held at home and everything was cooked by Tita Olive (except for the cake!). The most prominent thing about the party is how you can easily date it. One look and you know it was in the 80s because of our hair and our ginormous ribbons. Don't mind the outfits because fashion keeps coming back anyway.

I must honestly say I felt awkward that day. I wasn't used to having boys around and at that time we were just coming out of the "I hate boys, I hate girls" period. The situation in the school bus was also weird. Girls sat together and only little school boys were allowed to sit beside girls if needed. It would be years later when I eventually learned how to be friends with boys. 

One thing I enjoyed when I unearthed these photos is seeing my childhood home before Mom and Dad changed it. I liked how it was so much more open before. Tito Bert (the architect and my Dad's brother) designed it so that air would easily flow in. The living room was flanked by two huge sliding doors and it was left open during parties. 

I don't even want to count how many years ago this party was held. Hahaha. It will make me feel ancient. I wonder where most of my bus mates are now. I never thought to look them up on social media. I know where most of my classmates are since we're connected on FB. The boys I really have no idea where they are except for one who I think became a famous basketball player. 

Thanks Kuya and Ate Joy for organizing this party! And thanks Kuya for taking the photos. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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