Sunday, February 13, 2022

Using Your Hand to Pray

My heart is full today after seeing the successful proclamation rally at the Quezon Memorial Circle. I've been going through happy posts by fellow Kakampinks on Twitter. I wish I was there too! Seeing the support of so many people gives me hope that we'll have a better future. The dark forces though are hard at work so we all have to do our part to make sure they don't win. 

There's been several bad news this past week. Comelec junking the disqualification petitions. El Shaddai announcing their support (honestly find it strange how they found in their conscience to support he who must not be named). Hope for a better Philippines with the right leader is what we have. We must pray hard for it.

I've been praying for better leadership since last year. I bought a prayer journal last year. It had a prayer guide which I thought would be useful to share. It's a guide that would help you pray for more people. 

Thumb - pray for those closest to your heart. 

Pointy finger - pray for those who teach and heal. This is where I pray for frontliners, educators and the religious.

Middle finger - pray for leaders. This is where I also pray for good outcome of the elections and I also pray for the protection of the candidates I support and their staff.

Ring finger - pray for the weak and those who need healing. 

Pinky finger - pray for your needs. The guide said, praying last for yourself gives you a better perspective of what you need. 

#BeKind #StayHome #VoteWisely

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