Saturday, February 19, 2022

Slice of Life, 15 Years

I was looking through Google Photos and saw it had compiled photos by year. Thought it would be interesting to see what I was up to the past 15 years. 

15 years ago, 2007

Singapore with the other scouts at the first Google office in Singapore. 

14 years ago, 2008

Date day with Sweetie where we went to a wedding expo so I could get inspiration for the Twisted Wedding Planner blog.

13 years ago, 2009

Watched Love to Love to Love with Sweetie. It was a concert with MYMP, Side A and a few other artists held at Araneta Coliseum.

12 years ago, 2010

Attended a sports event and met Rio dela Cruz. Also went to Davao that same week. 

11 years ago, 2011

Got a new car - Minnie my Getz! She's now finally with me in our new home. I haven't had a chance to drive her yet since I need to get a license. 

10 years ago, 2012

Nothing exciting happened during the week. I just cooked beef tapa and we also checked out the location of our future condo. 

9 years ago, 2013

Just had second open heart surgery. They had to drain water in my heart and lungs. Also got a surprise visit from my friend Don who was in Singapore at that time too. 

8 years ago, 2014

Celebrated Valentine's day across the miles. Sweetie surprised me with flowers which was delivered at the office. 

7 years ago, 2015

So many things happened this week 7 years ago. Titay's birthday bash, watched a concert and it was also the Android One launch. 

6 years ago, 2016

This was the year we transitioned the family to Singapore. This was the week Miggy moved to Singapore to finish his studies. 

5 years ago, 2017

By this time we had settled in nicely to our life in Singapore and was getting visited by friends! Anne and Andrew came for a visit that week (I think Anne was working in their SG office at that time). 

4 years ago, 2018

My memory is a bit fuzzy about this week since most of the photos I had were food! Seems I baked some chicken fingers and Sweetie and I went out. 

3 years ago, 2019

This was the time Sweetie had knee surgery because his knee was dislocated. 

2 years ago, 2020

We had a WFH drill this week. Victor, David and I ended up working at Starbucks that day. Few weeks later WFH became mandatory. 

1 year ago, 2021

The last Westies get-together I was able to attend. Restrictions eased up and we were able to have a get together. Promptly got sick after since we didn't know the air quality went bad that day. 

I noticed that time has been passing by so fast. I don't if it's because I move slower now, but I don't get to do a lot of stuff compared to before. I have a list of tasks I've been unable to finish. I guess I need to manage my time better. Looking back at the last 15 years was fun to do. Apparently I was either in Manila or Singapore, working, watching  a concert or at a hospital haha. Let's hope and pray there won't be  hospital staycations anymore! 

#BeKind #StayHome #VoteWisely

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