Sunday, February 20, 2022

Let Your Light Shine, Be Vigilant

Darkness is creeping in. This past week there's been incidents that's very alarming. There's Dr. Naty Castro who was forcibly taken from her home (read more about it here). A VP Leni supporter was harassed at Camp Crame for having a pink ribbon tied to his car's side mirror (news here). Comelec painting over a mural painted on private property. Several supporters were also harassed by rivals (news here). If we're not vigilant we'll soon be living in fear. 

I'm a martial law baby and my parents protected me during that time. They were very strict though and the only times I got to play outside was when I would go over the bakod to play with my neighbors. Everyone was required to be in the house before sunset. No one was allowed out at night. Speaking about the government anomalies was done in whispers. 

Even though I was still very young during Martial Law I understood that there was danger. I understood that displeasing the regime would be disastrous for you and your family. I remember Tito Ben would call my Mom whenever there was unrest. When that happened my parents would get stricter. My siblings probably did not enjoy their teenage years so I'm still kinda lucky. I was ten when the EDSA Revolution happened. 

The last three and half decades wasn't easy, but at least we did not live in fear. I got to enjoy my teenage years and I got to live a normal life when I eventually joined the workforce. I never feared about what I blogged about. I was also able to work with government on some projects. Things started to change though since 2016 so I focused on other countries and other things. 

If we're not careful, darkness will come back. The behavior of government agencies and the police is starting to lean towards what it was during ML. Proverbs 13:3 says, “Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything”. At this time we need to foil the plans of evil from coming back. We have to be vigilant and do what we can to stop them from coming back. The past should remain in the past. 

#BeKind #StayHome #VoteWisely

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