Sunday, February 27, 2022

Ohai Outside World!

Received confirmation yesterday that we were approved to get our booster shots at the NPF Drive Thru vaccination site. We headed to the site an hour before our appointment. I felt like a kid going out for the first time. The sky was a lovely shade of blue, there was no traffic and everything looked serene. 

I was amazed with the many new buildings in the Aseana area. The last time I was in the area was in July 2019 after a friend's wedding. I think only Okada and City of Dreams was operational at that time. I felt lost since there were so many new streets and buildings. It felt very unfamiliar. My Mom thought we traveled out of the city, but it was just 15 minutes away from home. 

We originally scheduled three of us to get booster shots. Unfortunately, the vaccination site only offered Moderna. My doctor required me to get Pfizer since I'm taking anti-coagulants. My Mom was the only one who managed to get the booster. I guess Miggy and I will need to find a drive-thru service that offers Pfizer. 

It was really tempting to go the mall! It was too early though and the boys would not have allowed it. We just got curbside takeaway from Pancake House for breakfast. I think this has been the most exciting joyride I've been on since December (hahaha) even though we didn't step out of the car. I felt antsy though for sitting too long since I normally move around every 30 minutes. 

Maybe when gas prices go down we can do a longer joyride outside my city (Aseana is still Paranaque City!). Back home now and will go take a nap to complete my required zzzs.

Happy Sunday everyone!

PS More information here about the drive-thru vaccination. 

#BeKind #StaySafe #VoteWisely

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