Thursday, February 17, 2022

Saving My Childhood Home

Built over a half century ago, my childhood home has seen better days. Back in 2019 I had the structural integrity of the house checked since I noticed a lot of cracks across the house. Surprisingly the house was intact, but the lanai area where the garage used to be has started to crumble. The floors and walls showed evidence that the area was sinking. 

Plans to have it fixed were put on hold due to the pandemic and it was hard to coordinate offshore. When I first visited Mom when I got home I saw the house had deteriorated further. I immediately reached out to the architect who checked it for help. We finally got around to doing a second inspection today and he brought along his team. 

My childhood home is our family gem. I cannot imagine anyone else living in it. My Mom always tells me she wants me to live there again eventually. Our home was built with love. The architect was my Dad's brother, Tito Bert who's probably turning 100 years old this year. We hope we could still find the original plans of the house. It'll be a big help for the team who will fix it. 

The assessment today made me happy. The team said that our home was well maintained especially the bedroom wooden floors. A lot of work needs to be done to make it more livable and I gave the team two tall orders -- reduce the heat and solve the flooding issue. The heat part is easily solvable, but the issue of flooding will be harder to solve. It doesn't flood as much anymore, but fact is it still floods. 

I'm excited to see the plan to save my childhood home. Of course, my siblings would need to approve the plan as well. I promised my Mom we'll bring back the beauty and love for our home. 

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