Thursday, February 10, 2022


Oh boy, this month is proving to be an expense filled one. Aside from from the usual expenses - utilities and groceries - several things cropped up at the same time. We were planning to move forward with our home development project, but health has to be prioritized. We're still in the process of signing up for medical insurance so this means everything is out of pocket for now. Yikes!

Luckily, my original pulmonologist here still treats us as family. My Dad was his professor and he has cared for us through the years. I was really surprised about his generosity because it's been 2 decades since I last saw him. It was his wife, my original cardiologist, who discovered I had mitral valve issues. 

We met with him yesterday through a video call. I was so nervous because he spoke to me in Bicol dialect throughout the consultation, haha. Good thing I understood everything (I can understand, but I struggle speaking the dialect). All good for now, but he wants to determine the cause of my PEs. He also prohibited me from going near a hospital. He also said not to mess with my blood thinners. 

Car expenses also kicked in. I had to get my car registered so that meant spending for emission testing and insurance. I realized my car hasn't had any maintenance since 2019, so Hyundai's quote is a crazy amount. Well, at least I could delay that to next month since getting the car fixed isn't urgent. I thought about selling my car, but decided to keep it for now so Miggy can learn how to drive (important in case of emergencies). In time, we plan to sell both our cars and get a new one. 

All is well, just need to prioritize our expenses. It just means our home will still be messy. As Tita Dine told me, it more important to be happy and live in love than have a tidy house. I totally agree with that, haha. I'm also back to being cheerful since the nasty infection seems to be gone. Yaaas! God is good! 

#BeKind #StayHome #VoteWisely

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