Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Contribute for a Better Future!

Yesterday was the start of the official campaign period. Candidates hosted proclamation rallies in their bailiwicks. I would have loved to be at Plaza Quezon in Naga City to participate. It's the first election in 15 years where I don't need to be impartial (freedom!). Like many other volunteers, I'd like to contribute in my own way. 

My Mom was one of the campaign managers of former Senator Jovito Salonga when he ran for president. She managed the campaign office in Makati City. I used to go there after class and contribute what I could. And before that I remember we campaigned hard for President Cory Aquino as well. Back then though campaigning was all done through face to face interaction. 

When I woke up this morning, Sweetie asked me, "Do Lazada delivery riders wear uniforms?" I know Shopee riders have uniforms, but I'm not sure about Lazada riders. He said the rider that delivered this morning was wearing a campaign shirt. So it gave me an idea on how I can contribute. Since the only people we encounter nowadays are delivery riders, I could start there by giving away info packs for them. 

I found out from the volunteer group that we can purchase flyers and other campaign materials from Lazada or Shopee. I checked out some shops and I'm planning to buy flyers, stickers and fans/masks. I'm planning to add a water bottle and a biscuit as well to the info pack. I realized though that I don't really have a lot of deliveries so I can probably expand this to other areas in my barangay. I can probably get someone to help distribute flyers house to house. I think that's the best way I can contribute for now. 

Here's some links to online shops where you can buy campaign materials:

Team Leni Robredo Volunteers

Sticky Stickies PH (this is where I got some shirts and stickers)

Alabang Garage

3C Creations (got a cute bag bling here)


*I'm not connected to any of these shops, I'm just a buyer :)

The threat of bringing  back an old regime is real. Seeing politicians dance to get votes is really disturbing. And seeing convicted politicians run again is giving me nightmares. Let's not slide back to these abusers. Progress is not what they have in mind. They're only in it for their own benefit. So let's do what we can to ensure we could have a better future. 

#BeKind #StayHome #VoteWisely

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