Thursday, February 24, 2022

Are You Ready for the Re-Opening?

According to the news it looks like the alert level will be lowered to 1 by the first of March. Of course, doctors are giving reminders about following safety protocols since the virus is still around. It's welcome news for many people since it means the economy would be more open. It means more jobs and maybe things can be a bit more normal. 

I pinged my favorite doctor yesterday to tell him to be careful since the cases in Singapore has gone up. He said, "It's OMG all over the world. We're fine. We'll all get OMG and then stronger." I'm happy to see he's still funny as ever despite the situation. I worry about my friends in Singapore and Hong Kong since they are experiencing the Omicron surge. 

In time we need to learn to live with this virus, just like all the other viruses out there. I'm a magnet though because I'm immunocompromised. This means I need to be extra careful. I've just been home since the start of the year and still got an infection lol. I realized though I can't let being immunocompromised keep me from living my life. I just need to be flexible and be careful. 

Here's a short-list of what I want to do:

1. See more family and friends. 

2. Visit Dad at the cemetery. 

3. Be able to eat my favorite spaghetti. 

4. Do daily walking again to the nearby park. 

5. Do a day trip. 

#BeKind #VoteWisely #StaySafe

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