Monday, February 21, 2022


Yesterday's Gospel reminds us about who you love. Fr. Tito Caluag said during his homily that the highest form of love is agape. For us humans, aside from loving God, we should strive to love humanity. It's a concept that is hard to do since the Gospel says, "But rather, love your enemies and do good to them, and lend expecting nothing back."

It's certainly hard to love your enemies or loving back people who hurt you. On the other hand, the other actionable item is to show love for others. I watched a vlog of the Hungry Syrian where he shared about his new meatshop business. He mentioned that he's closing one of his restaurants and decided to open a new business to be able to provide jobs. He mentions this quest often in his vlogs. 

Basel is a foreigner who acquired Filipino citizenship. He moved to the Philippines to escape the war in his country. He hasn't seen his family since his parents sent him here. Instead of feeling depressed over the absence of his family, he channeled his love by helping others. He oftentimes gives money to the needy and providing jobs is his passion. Last year someone took advantage of his generosity. He was so hurt from it, eventually he focused on opening a Korean mart so he can provide more jobs. 

I think Basel is a good example of showing how one could love humanity. He mentioned he doesn't make a lot of money from his businesses, but he does it more so he could help others. What he does is admirable and one of my prayers is for leaders, both public and private, to do what they can to fulfill God's mission. 

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