Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Happy Two's Day!


Two's day on a Tuesday! 

I found a trick to make me fall asleep faster. I read a chapter of a book. I've been having trouble sleeping and it takes me hours to finally fall asleep. Reading helped! Before drifting off to sleep I remembered one of the most important lessons my Dad taught me about values. 

I was previously stuck in a bad relationship. On the outside it seemed all good, but it came to a point where we just kept disagreeing about everything. One day my Dad sat down with me in the kitchen to tell me he did not approve of the relationship. He was worried it will end in a disaster because our values was very different. At that time I was already questioning myself whether staying in the relationship was worth it. 

I cried and cried and cried, but I realized what my Dad said was true. Our disagreements stemmed from our value differences. I was tired and unhappy and for my sanity I let it go. Having the same values with your partner is very important. It can make and break your relationship. My Mom explained if your values are different even the smallest things will bother you. It will eat you up and eventually break you. 

It took me years to heal and when I got around to dating again I treated it differently. Eventually I met Sweetie and the rest is history. So if you're stuck in a bad relationship, assess whether it's because you have very different values. It may save you from a lifetime of pain. 

And that applies as well to your choice of candidate. Make sure you choose wisely. :)

Rest in peace my thesis mentor, Ms. Cherry. We were her first gold thesis awardee. Will miss you. 

#BeKind #StayHome #VoteWisely

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