Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Favorite Pinoy Pasalubong (Delicacy)

It goes without saying that I will gain weight whenever I step out of Metro Manila. Who wouldn't? I have quite a number of posts at Lakwatsera Ako featuring all the sumptuous food I've been gorging on whenever I get to travel.

Here's a list of my favorite pasalubongs:

1. Vigan - longganisa

2. Baguio - ube, chocolate krispies, kornik

3. Pampanga - tocino

4. Bulacan - pastillas

5. Lucban - longganisa, broas, apas, galletas

6. Bicol - anything made of pili nut, and I love the mar'kina of Moderna Bakery

7. Kalibo - suman

8. Bacolod - napoleones, piaya

9. Cebu - mango, dried mango, dried fish

10. Cagayan de Oro - Vjandep pastel

11. Davao - durian candy, suha

12. GenSan - tuna (good for sushi!)

What about you? What's your favorite Pinoy delicacy? Craving for some but out of the country? Head on over to Pinoy Delikasi and I bet you when you meet it's owner, Jovel Cipriano, he'll tell you to order some fresh mangoes (he always mentions that whenever I see him during Digitalfilipino club eyeballs).

Hmmm... thinking about all that food made me hungry.