Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Favorite Pinoy Pasalubong (Delicacy)

It goes without saying that I will gain weight whenever I step out of Metro Manila. Who wouldn't? I have quite a number of posts at Lakwatsera Ako featuring all the sumptuous food I've been gorging on whenever I get to travel.

Here's a list of my favorite pasalubongs:

1. Vigan - longganisa

2. Baguio - ube, chocolate krispies, kornik

3. Pampanga - tocino

4. Bulacan - pastillas

5. Lucban - longganisa, broas, apas, galletas

6. Bicol - anything made of pili nut, and I love the mar'kina of Moderna Bakery

7. Kalibo - suman

8. Bacolod - napoleones, piaya

9. Cebu - mango, dried mango, dried fish

10. Cagayan de Oro - Vjandep pastel

11. Davao - durian candy, suha

12. GenSan - tuna (good for sushi!)

What about you? What's your favorite Pinoy delicacy? Craving for some but out of the country? Head on over to Pinoy Delikasi and I bet you when you meet it's owner, Jovel Cipriano, he'll tell you to order some fresh mangoes (he always mentions that whenever I see him during Digitalfilipino club eyeballs).

Hmmm... thinking about all that food made me hungry.


  1. Anonymous8:21 PM

    otap po.

  2. Good Shepherd Ube in Baguio's really nice!

    Yep! The pastel from CDO's also the best!

  3. Anonymous12:10 AM

    pinoy delicacies nakakamiss!!! lalo na ng makita ko mga photos nakakalaway!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. I love Filipino food. It is great. I ate Lechon last time when I visited my wife/her family for XMas and New Year. It was my first time to eat that and I enjoyed it. I have liked everything I have eaten from the Philippines.

  5. Anonymous9:21 AM

    tas kape kape. waaa

  6. Anonymous10:03 AM

    You make me hungry!
    Please check:
    It would be an honor if you join the fun ... wala lang daya :P

  7. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Hello from the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. Thanks for featuring our #1 delicacy. Hope you can visit us during any of our 4 festivals:

    Kalilangan Festival (ongoing until Feb 27);
    Tuna Festival (Sept 1 -5)
    Yaman Gensan (4th wk of June-3rd wk of July)
    Pasko sa Gensan (whole of Dec).

    Mabuhay ka at lahat ng bloggers!

  8. yum yum ano bayan kakakain ko lang nagutom uli ako hahaha sarap nung longanisang lukban hahja

  9. @dak - uyyy favorite ko ube ng Good Shepherd! It's also available at the Good Shepherd convent in Tagaytay.

    @theresa - sarap noh?

    @adam - I'm glad you love our food. I normally require my guests who come over to gain at least 5 pounds before they leave! Haha.

    @junelle - if I have time I will =)

    @bariles - I was just there a few weeks ago. My Mom will be going to GenSan tomorrow for the Golden anniversary celebration of the Passionist Congregation.

    @bluedreamer27 - sarap noh?

  10. how about Palawan cashew nuts? :) (that is, if you've been to Palawan or have taken a munch of them)

  11. grabe nakakagutom nga! saka nakaka miss ang PI! di naman pasalubong pero miss ko ang fishballs na nilalako tapos isasawsaw sa sweet n' spicy sauce. yum! aloha po from Hawaii! keep the blog entries coming.

  12. Puto from Calasiao, Pangasinan. It's good that they now have "stalls" around the Metro. Somebody told me however that they don't taste the same and that the best ones are on Balete Drive.

  13. what a yummy post! :)

    kasoy from bataan, longganisa from vigan, danggit from cebu syempre...and otap, ube from baguio and peanut brittle... nga pala...still yum pa din! :)

  14. Anonymous6:09 PM

    half of travel adventure is eating and buying local delicacies. here are some of my usual must-buys:

    Bacolod: Calea Cakes and barquillos
    Iloilo Biscocho and Butterscotch
    Guimaras: mango ketchup
    cebu: shamrock Otap and Rosquillos

  15. Anonymous2:46 AM

    omg! vigan longganisa is the shizz! love those! you should also try abra's patupat and suman! ;)

  16. looking at your pictures makes me so hungry...i can't wait to visit p.i. next month.

    good job here btw

  17. ILOILO: Biscocho Haus' butterscotch and yema (kahit yan lang dalawa sulit na and you'll be greatly appreciated by the recipients lol)

    BACOLOD: Calea cakes!!

    CDO: syempre pastel

    BAGUIO: lengua de gato

  18. Anonymous12:23 PM

    how about the delicacies in bataan.

  19. Bicol: pandecillos, angko,pianono, glazed pili
    Pangasinan: puto and kuchinta calasiao, tupig
    Baguio: ube jam, peanut brittle, choco krispies
    Palawan, cashew brittle, Baker's Hill ube hopia
    Bacolod: piaya, butterscotch (esp. The one with mango chips)
    Lucban, Quezon: pancit habhab, budin/cassava cake, longganisa
    Tagaytay: buko and ube tarts, pineapples