Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blogger Made Me Blush!

It was such a huge surprise to be mentioned at Blogger Buzz and I thought I should make a welcome note for all those who discovered my blog through the post. I would like to say MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT PETE and ERIC for being such great friends. You just don't know how kilig I get when I get notes from you (I'm a fan! I'm a fan!).

And for those who’ve landed here at An Apple a Day, a warm welcome and MABUHAY to you! I hope you enjoy your visit and keep coming back! You’ve landed though in my maskipaps, halo-halo personal blog and may want to visit my saner blogs: Stitching (work), Lakwatsera Ako (travel), Twisted Wedding Planner (wedding stuff which is being fed to, Tales of the Moonless Sky (ghost stories) and my baby vlog You Got Tech.

For my kababayans, we do have a very active blogging community in our country and I've made friends with quite a number from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. I would like to make a couple of suggestions on where you can find more Filipino bloggers -

Pinoy Bloggers Society
Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007
Mindanao Bloggers
Philippine Blog Awards

We had a great blogger year last year with so many parties (like Taste Asia) and I think Karlo gave a great year-end recap on what happened in the Pinoy blogosphere last year. There's loads of upcoming blogger events and rumor has it there's going to be a bash at Taste Asia again!

Thanks for dropping by!

maraming, maraming salamat - many, many thanks
mabuhay - long live
kilig - giggly
maskipaps - whichever way
halo-halo - all mixed up (not the local delicacy! ha-ha)


  1. Ahahay! Sikat ka na talaga, Aileen. Pa-autograph! Wag mo kami kalimutan, ha? LOL ^^

  2. hi aileen, galing mo naman kaw talaga special mention ka sa blogger buzz... and i agree maganda talaga blog mo.. hope makagawa din ako ng ganito ka-impressive na blog katulad mo.
    i'm just starting out all over again. hope u can give me pointers from time to time kasi out of touch na talaga ako to think na IT degree-holder ako...
    i'm from zamboanga city pero parati ako pumupunta manila kc dun na based li'l sis ko and her husband. in fact punta ako manila
    3rd wk of march. papaturo ako sayo ha. i'll bring my laptop...
    tulungan na lang tyo para ariba pinoy blog community talaga... hehehe. eto cel number ko 09216872150...
    way to go filipino!!! i'm so proud.

    btw, paki-link na lang blog ko:

  3. amazing! you make us proud :)

  4. good job Aileen... I was amazed when I read Pete's entry that blogger is now in Filipino... so, cool... keep up the good work girl!

  5. that's how i got here!

    yes! i am more than excited in joining some more blogger events! wooohooo! thanks!

    how would i know if there is, btw?

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by my little piece of the world too!

    I am a HUGE fan of "happyslip" too.

    She's sooooo funny :)

    p.s. congrats on the blogs of note! milk it for all it's worth :)

  7. wow! you are popular...

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  9. Nice blog mo...well deserving ka tlaga. magiging regular visitor mo na ako....

  10. hello....just want to say congrats. :)

  11. pinoy bloggers society??? SALI AKO!!!

  12. Anonymous7:43 PM

    great blog! congrats! go Pinoys! Ü

  13. yeah, true. sikat. hehe nice blog anyway. Ill be here often. Keep it up. :-)

  14. Wow, Aileen! Iba na ang sikat! =) Cheers!

  15. Magandang Umaga! I found you through the blogger buzz and just wanted to say congrats! I'm learning tagalog and it's so nice to see other blogs that I can visit :)


  16. Hi, Aileen! I came across your blog through -- of course -- Google's Buzz page and wanted to congratulate you on the mention!

    I'm a freelance journalist writing an article about Pinoy bloggers for a Fil-Am newspaper and was interested in interviewing you. Would you be game? Feel free to email me through my blog. Thanks so much!


  17. Wow, I saw you at Blogger buzz to. Cool huh?
    What does it mean that blogger has a Filipino version? I am Filipino too, and just wondering.

  18. Thanks to you, I made myself a pinoy blog...

  19. Yup, I found your blog through clicking that link on the blogger blog. Congrats...

  20. Found your blog through that link as well... but should Blogger have said, "Now available in Tagalog" rather than "Now available in Filipino"?

    <-- half flip :)

  21. @nicole - hi, our national language is Filipino, Tagalog is just one of the many dialects we have. Thanks for dropping by.

  22. Heya! I just saw your site sa Blogger buzz page! Weee! Congratz! :)

  23. hi.. saw your site in the Blogger buzz page... do i need to become a member of any of those pinoy blogger group? how?

  24. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Hi. Ang galeng mo naman! Mabuhay ang Blogging Pinoys!

  25. hello aileen gheeeh i saw you in my dashboard its nice to know that we are no really a part oif bloggers society
    gheeeh youve got an interesting blog here
    i wuold like to visait you here ofetn
    by the way i now put you in my blog roll so i can make a visit again have a great day

  26. Anonymous5:06 PM

    woot! woot! iba na talaga ang bigaten!!!

    congratz Ms. Sky :-)

    keep on blogging!

    we're proud of you ;)



    Pinoy Bloggers Society (PBS)


  28. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Wow, special mention ka ha. Mabuhay ang KBP (Kapisanan ng mga Blogger sa Pilipinas) errr....

  29. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I like your blog.

    Congrats on being on blogger buzz. They were not jokin! your blog rocks. lol

    - Lev

  30. mabuhay ang mga Pinoy bloggers, defintely Pinoys are pioneers in the bloggosphere!

  31. Ciao from Italy!

    Another proud Pinoy here for your blog's success. Such an achievement to be mentioned by "Blogger".

    'Auguri' and more power to you Kabayan!

  32. You are now famous! Great blog - I think it's wonderful more and more Pilipinos are becoming recognized. I'm trying to get more involved myself to see what I can learn and who I can meet.

    Keep on writing!


  33. do you by any chance know any college bloggers who are Filipino?

  34. Salamat din sa pagbisita sa blog ko. Hindi ko pa kasi masyadong alam kun gpaano mapa-ganda yang bihis ng site ko eh. anyway, dahil sikat ka (*drum roll*) hehe i-aadd po kita sa blog roll ko ha? You rock.

  35. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Ah, the perks of working for Google...

  36. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Congratulations for being featured in BloggerBuzz. Great accomplishment and keep it going. Pinoy Pride ka na. From LA, California....

  37. Yeah, Pinoy blogger! You've done us proud, Aileen!

  38. hello aileen just dropping by to see if you have new post here
    have a great day

  39. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Hi from Belgium!!!
    Thanks to BloggerBuzz I was informed about your! Pinoy na pinoy tlga ang dating!Nakaka homesick ang mga kwento mo while looking at those photos...hayyy...looking forward to be back there in pinas.

    More power to you!

  40. hi there! maybe, i was as kilig as you were while reading about reading philippine blogs being recognized by blogger. but, you definitely deserve to feel much more elated because your blog was the one specifically mentioned.

    will definitely keep coming back.. :)

  41. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Hey, thanks for mentioning (and linking to) Mindanao Bloggers! Sigurado mas marami pang mangyayari this year dito sa South. :)

    Kelan ba balik mo sa Davao?

  42. Hi there! got excited after reading blogger in Filipino... found the link... congrats po!


  43. nice blog you got here. like a lot of the people that commented on here, i found you on blogger buzz. congratulations!

  44. Very cool blog - it was so neat to see a pinay on Blogger Buzz!

    Nice to meet you!

  45. Anonymous5:51 AM

    congrats.. it's my first time to see a filipina included in blogger buzz. galing!