Monday, February 11, 2008

To Post or Not to Post Everyday

A Post a Day

Here are reasons why I don't post everyday:

1. I could write up to 5 posts in a day if I'm in the mood, but, more often than not, I'm not. My muse is very moody and when she doesn't want to write, you just can't make her.

2. If I really wanted to post everyday, I could, but after a long day's work, sometimes it's just nice to hang around doing nothing (a.k.a. doing mindless surfing).

3. I'm probably living my real life. That's what my best friend says when she doesn't find me online. A.k.a. I'm most probably hanging out with Sweetie and Miguel and having the time of my life.

4. I'm probably overwhelmed with my blog backlog. Yup, I do have a lot of posts lined up but I don't know where to start. I even have a small notebook where I write down what I'm supposed to post... like about E-Yellowpages winning the Philippine Web Awards again (hey! congrats guys!!! ako siguro balat noon noh? I think your events portal is kinda cute).

5. I want to keep a secret. LOL.

If time wasn't an issue, would you post daily?