Friday, February 8, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

I hope I got the spelling right... I've been seeing so many versions of it all over town and I don't know which one is right and I'm all messed up too on how to pronounce it.

Yesterday was another dizzying, hectic day packed with loads of events and activities and this has effectively sunk me even further down my blogging backlog. I'm at least a month behind. I'm pretty excited though to share everything that transpired yesterday:

(1) Getting Over Stage Fright even further. I've never been to Aliw Theater and I never dreamed that my first time would be for a speaking engagement. My parents thought I was holding a concert! LOL. Photo by Sweetie.

Yup that's me speaking in front of a couple of thousand students.
Never in my wildest dreams believe me.

(2) Meeting Happy Slip. I always look forward to Christine's videos because it's funny and entertaining. I've influenced quite a number of friends (and students!) to watch her as well and I was glad to meet her yesterday at the and Department of Tourism sponsored meet-up at Mag:net cafe at Bonifacio High Street. Too bad I had to leave immediately, I had an appointment with times <28> people hehe. Special thanks to Jonas, sensya na I couldn't be of more service yesterday (I wasn't feeling well din).

(3) Fireworks at the Mall of Asia. What's new year without fireworks? Before heading to the last event of the day we dropped by MOA to grab a bite and realized that there was probably going to be a fireworks display. It was my first time too at the San Miguel Bay Walk.

(4) Guji Lorenzana. Guji is a new artist being managed by Lucas Records and he recently launched his album "Without Your Love". At his video launch last night at 19 East, Guji shared that he is a Fil-Am and before coming to the Philippines (due to a broken heart) he auditioned for American Idol 3.

Drastic Change

Without Your Love
(carrier single)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!