Friday, March 11, 2022

How to Lose a Customer in 10 Ways

First, take a week to confirm cash payment. 

Second, confirm that payment has been received. Take a few more days to schedule delivery and installation.

Third, inform the customer they're coming the next day to deliver and install. Ask if they're going to install the item.

Third, cancel coming and use the excuse that their vehicle broke down. 

Fourth, wait another week before re-scheduling and only inform the customer the day before that you're coming. Oh and ask again if the item will be installed.

Fifth, deliver the item and conveniently forget they're supposed to install the item. Promise the customer they're going to come back for installation. They're just in the neighborhood and can come back.

Sixth, don't come back. Use the excuse that the vehicle broke down

Seventh, blame the customer for scheduling in the afternoon. 

Eigth, reschedule for next week. 

Ninth, tell the customer their contractor's electrician can install the item (installation is included in the item).

Tenth, keep apologizing but keep on making your customer feel bad for choosing your company. 

One of the worst experiences I had was getting undercooked chicken from a favorite chicken joint. I messaged them, but they were able to address the issue properly. I was so upset because i was really hungry. The restaurant addressed the issue by acknowledging the mistake, making an investigation and they made up for it by reimbursing the amount. My feedback actually helped them because they were able to confirm that there was a lapse in the process. They sent their store manager to apologize in person. She also brought freshly cooked (fully cooked!) chicken and cake. 

That was a really remarkable way to manage an issue. I never even mentioned the issue to anyone which meant the restaurant had proper processes in place to address issue. I truly appreciated what they did especially since they are one of my favorite restos. What I went through today is the complete opposite. I would have understood, but they already made me wait a long time, blamed me for scheduling an afternoon visit, then tried to pass on the work which would have caused me to shell out more money. 

Of course, I got pissed and because they were just digging a deeper hole I gave them lengthy feedback. I explained that as a customer I have a right to request what time they could come especially since they only informed me a day before. I pointed out that I've been made to wait a few weeks for fulfillment and that changes in schedules have also affected the workflow of my contractor's electrician because they have to pull him out just to help us. I also explained that getting the electrician to do the installation meant I'd have to pay for his services too. 

Well, I hope they take my feedback as constructive criticism. I got the item from them because they were referred to us by our contractor. Their sales team was pretty responsive so I thought everything would go smoothly. They thanked me for the feedback and promised to do the installation next week. Well, we'll see how it goes. 

#BeKind #StaySafe #VoteWisely

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