Friday, March 4, 2022

My First Big Girl Moment

I remember the day when I felt I finally grew up. In September 2006 I flew by myself to the US for training. I was so overwhelmed and tried hard not to cry once I stepped out of the airport. It was the farthest I traveled by myself. I've always gone to the US with my family. 

It was evening when I arrived in SFO. It was very cold when I stepped out and everything looked massive. I felt very small and told myself, "This is it. You're a big girl now." I took a deep breath and looked for the van that would take me to Mountain View. 

That was the moment that transformed me to become a big girl. I was still overwhelmed for the rest of the trip. My manager said he was surprised I was very quiet the whole time I was there. It just took me awhile to take everything in. It didn't help that everyone towered over me. Everything looked huge. It's probably what Alice in Wonderland felt when she stumbled into another world. 

I grew in the few weeks we were in the states. I eventually started to blossom. I felt different when I got home. My perspective of the world changed. I was no longer just "the child of" but I had come into my own. It was then that I felt I was finally in-charge of my life. 

Have you experienced a similar transformation?

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