Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Rude Awakening

I had a difficult time falling asleep last night. I finally drifted off to sleep at half past four. At six thirty in the morning I was woken up by endless sirens. I got up to check if there was an emergency nearby. When I didn't see anything unusual I checked Twitter to find out if there's a fire nearby. I was surprised to see angry tweets from netizens saying they were rudely awakened by the BFP parade. To mark the start of fire prevention month, the Bureau of Fire Protection goes around with sirens on to raise awareness. 

It's a great idea, but detrimental for people with heart conditions like me. And yes, I immediately felt unwell after being rudely awakened. It gave me a migraine and it took an hour before I finally fell asleep again. I'm already paranoid enough about my childhood home being old and needing renovations (including rewiring all the electrical stuff), so I didn't need this. Case of bad timing. They could have done it at a more decent time. 

Managing PTSD is hard. That was the reason why I had difficulty sleeping last night. It's just unbelievable how systems that are supposed to protect and help you are the ones giving you a death sentence. The biggest fear of my doctors is for me to get infected with the coronavirus. And that's why my family is doing all they can to protect me. It's really frustrating when the support that's supposed to be provided requires you to do things that would put you at risk. Yes, they are the same group that trivialized my illness. Since I'm very fragile, I've asked Sweetie to help respond to them. The stress is already making me unwell. 

It'll be bad for me to dwell on it so I asked Sweetie if we could go out to buy vegetables and fruits. We realized it's better to buy from the veggie and fruit stand nearby than ordering it from the supermarket. The produce are more fresh, cheaper and you can select what to buy. It also meant I could go on a joyride haha. I just stayed in the car while Sweetie bought the produce. The best thing about it is we got saba. We super love eating fried banana for merienda. 

Oh, we also got gas. I told Sweetie we should probably gas up before the prices go up more. We were given a kilo of free bigas! Wow! I still think government should provide more subsidies for the transportation sector for fuel (they seem to have been very absent lately...). 

Will try to do something to cheer me up now...

#BeKind #StaySafe #VoteWisely

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