Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Break Free, Detaching from the Madness

PasigLaban was amazing! I just watched the whole event online. Chills kept running down my spine everytime drone shots were shown. I also kept getting teary eyed throughout the event. I felt that way because I am holding on to the hope that our country would be better. 

Many asked me why I decided to go back home. They told me that life in Singapore was better. It is much more convenient, but it's not home. And I've already felt the difference. When I got home I had to chase the accredited company to do my swab test at the hotel. I've had to submit letters whenever I have requests for the barangay and police. My agent had to go back and forth to government offices to process our new home papers and tax. 

I hope we can all break free from what we're stuck with right now. I think it was so cool that Ariana Grande gave a shoutout to the rallyists who were singing her song "Break Free". That's what we're also doing now -- breaking free from the atrocities a trusted family did to our home. It's been hard and we're still picking up the pieces. At least now the house is spic and span thanks to the cleaners. The pest control company will take care of the rats and I hope the barangay can help us remove the chickens (they're an invitation for snakes!). 

Doing all this while managing my health. I've had to stay home and let the boys do the legwork. It is still stressful though especially after uncovering a lot more anomalies. We've put in safeguards to keep Mom safe, but it is really hard to feel safe when you experience bad things in your own home. I've been asking Mom to stay with me for now, but she's adamant and wants to stay in her home. The best thing to do is to detach emotionally so it doesn't drain us. 

I seriously miss the days I'd just spend sewing and watering the plants. Well, I hope this would soon be over and we can make fully break free and move on. 

#BeKind #StaySafe #VoteWisely

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