Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Indulgence and the Quest for Normalcy

Indulgence used to be a foreign word for me. At a young age my Kuya taught me how I should be careful with spending my money. He advised that I should prioritize buying things I need over things I want. I heeded that advise and I went extreme, haha. 

The first few years I was an OFW I set a weekly allowance for myself. It was SG$50 per week. I didn't need much since I would eat breakfast, lunch and merienda at the office for free. I would usually spend SG$4 to 5 dollars for my usual siew mai or char siu for dinner. If I saved enough I'd treat myself to Wendy's on weekends. Once a month I'd go to Lucky Plaza to remit money, then I'd swing by Daiso at Plaza Singapura to spend my SG$10 Daiso indulgence allowance. 

Well, that behavior allowed me to save enough money to buy a condo unit which was paid in full in half the time of our mortgage. I relaxed a bit eventually when Miggy and Jay moved to Singapore. We would usually have a nice lunch after hearing mass on Sundays. I also aimed to have a nice vacation at least once a year. It was only in 2019 though when I learned I was really being hard on myself. Kuya taught me a better way to manage my finances and I must say I've been happier. 

Last week was really challenging. I surprised the boys by ordering lunch from Friday's. This snowballed to Starbucks and a mini chocolate cake from Conti's. We don't go out so this is already a rare treat for us. I'm afraid to check my weight now. I lost weight last week and have probably regained it. Mom is the only one who has the license to gain weight. The service folks have already complained they are gaining weight from all the food I've been sending, hahaha. 

We're slowly easing back to normal. I'm still adjusting to managing Mom's house. I hope there won't be late night calls anymore for "walang tubig!" I'm amazed though, Mom's new helper sent me photos as their grocery list. Well, at least I know what brand they prefer. The best thing is I've been falling asleep faster and I wake up in a more decent time. Fitbit confirmed that my sleep score has improved a lot. 

BTW, I'm looking for a TV to replace what my Mom is using. I didn't realize TVs are so expensive nowadays! Like wow! Our newest TV is we got pre-loved from my former housemate in Singapore. Ahhh, I have an idea -- split it three-way with Kuya and Ate hahaha. Or maybe we can lend first one of our TVs from the condo to Mom for now. But anyway, suggestions are welcome! 

P.S. Don't forget to wear pink today!

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