Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Future is Female

It's National Women's Month and I thought I'd write about it today since I've been seeing in the news that there are people who still won't vote for a woman because they perceive women as weak and can be easily manipulated. In this day and age there are still men who think that they are superior to women. I can easily name a number of known world leaders who don't treat women fairly and we can start here in our own country. 

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If I was their mother. I would bonk their head for being that way. I would give them an earful too. I'm lucky because my parents taught me that I could do and achieve anything if I put my mind to it. I remember my Mom telling me that I should never doubt my abilities. I still do, but whenever I'm faced with a challenge I would just pray, take a deep breath and work on it. 

There are many known personalities who laud their mothers for their strength. Many were brought up by single mothers. I could say from experience that being a single mom is a lot of hard work. I was motivated to work hard because I wanted to provide what was best for my son. Being a mother strengthened me and made me a better version of myself. 

Through the years I experienced a lot of unfair treatment. I was threatened that I would not move forward because I reported wrongdoing. I experienced retaliation because I was always honest with feedback. I bore all the stress from it because I know fighting for what is right is always the right thing to do. I would cry. I would feel frustrated. I would be exasperated. I would feel down. But I would always get up and fight back. 

The future is female. The fight is not about whether you're male or female. It's about who could be the better leader. 

#BeKind #StaySafe #VoteWisely

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