Sunday, March 20, 2022

Turn Envy to Admiration

A friend told me yesterday's post was biting haha. I wrote it at 2:30 in the morning. Sometimes it's hard to express what I want to say when I get distracted. Oh dear muse, you kept me up again.

I think my last thought last night was the idea of turning envy into something positive. It could be better used if you instead use it as inspiration. Don't try to live the life of another person because God has a different path for you. If you let envy lead your life, you won't be content. And you'll never be satisfied with anything. 

I watched the debate last night and saw how others looked at my chosen candidate with envy. They made shots at her, but she stood tall because she knows what she has to offer. Admire and learn. Understand that you have your own talents and gifts and grow more by learning from others. If I was a candidate not getting any large support, I'd just go and support what would be best for the citizens. 

I remember my Mom teaching me that lesson about managing envy. I was in first grade and I had a nice stationary collection. I brought it to school to show my friends. It got stolen! I cried and cried, but my Mom talked to me and explained why it was stolen. I also learned the value of not flaunting what you have. Just keep it simple and classy. 

That incident when I was a first grader taught me so many things. I just remembered it since I've been trying to understand happened.

Admire and be inspired. Don't be an inggiterang frog! LOL.

PS for the candidates who were so green with envy, give credit where it is due. Accept that there are times the best man for the job IS a woman! And that goes to all those people who mansplained me in the past. Che!

#BeKind #StaySafe #VoteWisely

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