Saturday, March 19, 2022

The Root of Evil

I always believed in Jean Jacques Rousseau's belief. He said that "man is by nature good". We are after all created in the likeness of God. 

Despite everything I've been through in my life, I'm lucky I'm not jaded or angry at the world. I was telling Sister Lirio last night that I haven't cried because of what happened. She said it's probably because I'm being strong for my Mom. I think it's also because I was expecting this to happen. 

Because the story started over 15 years ago. It started with envy. It started with copying a look. How one acted. Then followed some missing items, a bit of money missing here and there. A firing happened and then supposedly a change.

It was good for awhile and forgiveness was given. But the envy kicked in again. More items started to go missing. Then more money started getting lost. The thought of rehabilitation was there, but it was I guess too late. Relationships were badly affected. Evil took root and it grew. 

I left but I didn't escape it. Little did I know I wasn't free from the work of evil. I found some papers showing that whatever my parents worked hard for me was gone. I told Sister Lirio I'm resigned to the fact that I'll never get it back. 

Good tried to prevail, but envy took over. I was told that they do not deserve the love of my family. 

I also always believe that hardwork pays off. My parents provided me with a good life. We're not rich. We just had enough to enjoy and be comfortable. When we all finished our studies we all worked hard to also provide for our families. 

The envy could have been turned into inspiration instead. Motivation to work harder to achieve your dreams. Just taking what isn't yours to fulfill your wants isn't as satisfying as working hard for a need. 

#BeKind #StaySafe #VoteWisely

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