Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Our Summer Cove

I have been making two posts a day. I've still been feeling morose and angry about what happened at home, but I'm trying to stay positive so I've been keeping the other post in draft. I release bad vibes that way. I guess I also need to heal from what we went through. 

I spent an entire day cutting fabric for my Mom. I hope this will jumpstart her passion for quilting. I noticed she stopped sewing. She didn't even unbox any of the materials and books I sent her. She kept all of it in her cabinet. Well, I hope she starts working on it and takes it slow. She sews much faster than I do, haha. I also made some templates for her because I know she won't use the quilting rulers. 

I haven't sewn for a month now. The last project I finished was the pink vinta throw pillowcases, the Harry Potter coasters and potholders. I need to work on my summer curtains since it's been very hot lately. I got block curtain fabric via Lazada. I wish though there were more options for block curtain fabric. I'm figuring out how to make them look nicer. 

The boys and I have been staying in the craft room to escape the heat and the bad air quality. Sweetie installed an old TV in the room. That means we'll likely have movie nights in the craft room too. It's just been really warm even at night to stay anywhere else in the house. It's funny because we have more space at home, but we're just naturally convening in smaller areas to be together. 

My step count has gone down drastically since I've been cooped up in the craft room. I used to hang out during the day at the dining table and that forced me to walk far to get things or go to the toilet. The boys though prefer to get things for me so I don't breathe in the bad air. My step count has been cut to a third

#BeKind #StaySafe #VoteWisely

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