Sunday, May 25, 2008

Most Talked About Pinoy Chocolate in the PinoyBlogosphere

If you've been blog hopping in the Pinoyblogosphere and lurking in Twitter you would probably heard about what the Pinoy bloggers have been munching on lately - the new repackaged Goya chocolate!

When I was a kid Goya wrapped their chocolates in small no-need-to-bite pieces. I usually got them as giveaways in loot bags from birthday parties and I'd buy some with my meager allowance at the school canteen whenever I had some money left over. I have been longing for the Serg chocolate eversince I made that post about my "Top 10 Favorite Pinoy Chocolates and Biscuits" last year, but I have not seen any in the supermarket.

Well that longing has been bumped off by the new Goya chocolate. AJ of has been twittering about his love for the "Goya mint chocolate" flavor, but I have not seen any anywhere. Waaaahh... knock knock to the Goya distribution department, puh-leease provide some at SM Hypermarket Bicutan.

I'm definitely adding Goya to my list of favorite Pinoy chocolates. Try it!

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Got a Goya story? Lemme know!