Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lea, My Life Onstage

I was about 5 years old when I first watched Lea Salonga play Annie onstage and soon after that she released her first album that included "Small Voice". As any jeprox kid my Mom made me sing it, but at that time I enjoyed dancing "Staying Alive" more... ha-ha-ha-ha staying alive, staying alive.

Anyway, I think that was the last time I watched her perform live but I followed her career eversince. I know I watched "Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal" with my Dad. I vaguely remember me and my classmates singing songs from Miss Saigon during practical arts class in high school. Getting mad at my ex because he didn't want to accompany me to CCP to watch Miss Saigon. Crying over her wedding song ("I Do") while watching it on Youtube. Almost swooning when I met her husband, Rob, siyempre nakipa-autograph na rin ako ng CD through his staff. Hahaha.

So you can just imagine how excited I was when Cecile SMSed an invitation to attend a press conference (of course as a tag along to Sweetie). I've had the privilege of attending a number of music-related events and I must say that Lea is the biggest star of all. Her bearing says it all. Bow ka na lang sa galeng talaga.

From the event I gathered that she's celebrating 30 years in the business and will be holding a show entitled, "Lea, My Life Onstage". Together with brother, Gerard, she performed two songs, "Tomorrow" and "Journey" with the Filharmonika. I was just tulala the whole time she was singing, so Sweetie shot the video for the second song. The show will be held at the CCP on May 23 and 24. I want to waaaaatttchhh!!!

Here are the songs she performed live with a full orchestra at the press con.



For more details about the show please visit Lea, My Life Onstage. For more news about Lea please visit

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  1. wow! lea's my fave singer too EVER!!

  2. I watched her in Les Miz and she was fantastic!

  3. Me too. she's my fave! I've also been known to channel her now and then!

    Anyway, I'm planning to watch perhaps when I get back to Manila. Where can I get the tickets??


  4. thanks Aileen for uploading the videos :-)

    for those who want to get the tickets, please visit

  5. ok thanks for the info..

  6. Uyy date sila. Heheh.