Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hot Summer Bloggers Party

I was already dazed from the iBlog4 and a mini U.P. F.A.T. (food appreciation tour) and by the time I arrived at Katips I was already quite cross eyed and bangag (as usual!!!). I was also quite annoyed with myself since I wasn't able to put together an appropriate "apple" outfit. The previous days were just simply booked. If not for Sweetie, I would not have been able to find a shirt with an apple on it (which my friends from Davao said looked more like a cherry than an apple!)... waaaaahhh. Why is it when it comes to costume parties I always end up blah?

Anyway, I was quite surprised with the turn-out. I was feeling uberly nervous that there wouldn't be enough attendees (thus disappointing the sponsor). I'm glad I had a burrito before proceeding to Katips. It was a fun-filled night and I'd say the people from certainly know how to entertain with all the games and smooth flowing program. It also helped that the host was very makulit!

You've probably heard about the beer drinking contest, the chicken, a batang yagit and a pinoy blogero invading the party, and the famous Lose Your Beer Belly band... watch this short vlog I made about the event and be inggit you didn't go!

Super duper thanks to for sponsoring the party!


  1. Arrgh! Dami ko na miss. May chicken pa. Next year sigurado na, kahit may trabaho o deadline pa. :D

  2. @gerry alanguilan - awww, oo nga po! di bale, siguro next time baka di lang manok meron hahaha.

  3. pupunta ako next year ate. grrr....mag-iipon ako for psp tas ipamimigay ko. hahaha... joke. :D

  4. @batang yagit - hahahaha... bigay mo na lang sa akin yung psp :p

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  7. Hello po, ask lng po sana if may upcoming seminar/training kayo dito sa Davao. Kylangan ko po ng mind-enrichment activities kasi nangangalawang na po brain ko. Pls po if possible, buzz mo po ako. Salamat!

    Super OT masyado comment ko, pasensya na po!


  8. hi ms. aileen apolo! this is my 1st time to visit your blog. we met last week at blogger's night. i dunno if you remember me. dak said you're a celebrity in the blogging world.. hehe.. :D so you are..

  9. @marvelous - sure sure! many, many thanks po =)

    @simpleyesa - oh, I have no scheduled trip to Davao, but you can check with my friends there... also do register at, they usually have updates there for activities in Davao. I know they have one for resort hopping soon. Sama me!!!

    @camille - hehehe, uyyy hindi ah... ito talaga si Dak. Thanks for visiting my blog! =)