Saturday, May 10, 2008

Me, Miguel and Lego

I got my first set of Lego when I was about 4 years old. That set is still alive and has been mixed up with Miguel's set. Being the youngest in the clan I spent countless summers playing with my Lego. I thought I'd become an architect because of the houses I used to build using Lego. But... but... my drawing skills have not grown beyond doodling apples, coconut trees and the Mayon Volcano. LOL.

I exposed Miguel to building things eversince he was a baby. When he was about 4 years old I got him 2 sets of Tamiya. I was forced to build it for him since the parts were very small. I must have done something wrong because it wouldn't budge. I tried dismantling the engine (you had to build it yourself) but it still wouldn't work. Miguel got impatient with me and fixed it by himself. He built the second Tamiya set and has since always asked for toys that he could build.

Miguel's a voracious reader, so he explores a lot of stuff online and has since wished for a number of Lego sets. He's so lucky since Lego nowadays is more than just "building blocks". Here's a video he took of his Lego Monster Dino -

Because of Lego, Miguel's been interested to do robotics. I'm not sure yet what course he'd want to take in college, but it's one of the many interests he has for now. I'm glad I finally found the place to pique his interest more. Saw the poster of the Lego Mindstorm Robotics Center at the SM Science and Discovery Center at the Mall of Asia. Below is Professor Rox Cosico who agreed to talk a little about the workshop for You Got Tech. He mentioned during our chat that the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Center is the second one in Asia and they underwent training in Singapore.

I'm really excited about Miguel's participation in the workshop since it's been hard to get him interested in the normal summer things. Well, nagmana lang sa nanay eh hehe.

May your tribe grow Rox! =)

Want to enroll?
Lego Mindstorms Robotics Center
SM Discovery Center, Mall of Asia
For inquiries, please call +632-556-0331 or 0661
Workshop fee is only PhP200

I also requested for some flyers, let me know if you want one.

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