Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mom, the Adventurista

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

I've learned so much from my Mom. Of course, she's my first teacher and I remember when I was a tiny kid she encouraged me to read and write a lot. She also did the same thing to Miguel since I left him with her during the day when I was in school and when I was already working. The summers that I spent playing with Lego also included dabbling on doing crafts. She would park me on the lawn in the afternoons on a banig with stuff to do - sewing dresses for my Barbie (it's still around somewhere), making pincushions which we sold in the parish bazaar, quilting or painting pots. She always kept me busy and I think that's why I can never sit still doing nothing.

I also think I got my adventurous, "lakwatsera" side from her. She started bringing me to the beach when I was just 8 months old and I we always had expeditions every year to Bicol with our neighbors. She's also into organizing events, especially fund raising activities (she still has that hatak). I don't really know how she does it, but everything she does is successful. She just does things to make it work. I don't think she'll blog though, she's not keen on writing (so that bit I got from my Dad), and you won't be able to get her to hold any high-ranking position in any organization, but she's an influencer nonetheless. She says she'd rather do things than lead. Oh and how can I forget how we both could magically make food appear on the table with our fingers. Her motto, "Let's your fingers do the walking!" (Ahhh that's probably why I dreamed of working for the yellow pages when I was a kid! And I did!).

Since most of the Mom bloggers were out of town last Friday for the Clara Ole event, I asked my Mom if she wanted to go with me and mentioned that she could bring her friends. I assumed she didn't want to go since she doesn't really like going to the mall and crowded places. I was really surprised when she asked me an hour before the event what time we should be there since she was going with her friends. Huwhaaaattt?!? LOL. She never fails to surprise me.

Always Game

So, off we went to Taste Asia for the Clara Ole event. I felt kinda pressured since I had my Mom and 3 Titas! So I felt like I had 4 moms yesterday since all of them have been my Mom's friends since I was a baby. Anyway, I was quite apprehensive since I didn't know how they'd react about the event. We first sat in the workshop on fashion. I know my Mom and my Titas weren't really into fixing themselves up, but I was again surprised when they were game about mixing and matching clothing.


It's my Dad who's very lucky when it comes to raffle games. He always brings home the grand prize whenever he attends parties. Me and my Mom rarely win anything, but yesterday was a lucky, lucky day. The whole Sun Valley contingent (that's us) won several times in the raffle! One of my titas won thrice (a saucepan, a MNG cologne and a one-year magazine subscription). My Mom also won a MNG lotion which I promptly confiscated from her hehehe. [In the photo is my Mom with the event host, Dominic Ochoa (don't worry Dom I'm not going to blog about the stuff we chatted about!).] My Mom always reminds me to count my blessings and to thank God for it.

I had to leave my Mom and my Titas at Taste Asia since I had another appointment to attend. My apprehensions were actually shushed when my Tita said, "Huwag ka mag-alala okay kami dito kasi masaya!" My Mom reported during dinner last night that they actually finished the event (I was shocked!) since they had a grand time attending the stress management and make-over session. My Mom said that she even volunteered to be made-over (I'm having a heart-attack now...) and that they loved the food that was served and enjoyed the cooking demo.

I was really, really surprised my Mom finished the whole event and she said that my Titas want to attend more events of that kind. Thanks Clara Ole and SM!

Clara Ole

If you're wondering who Clara Ole is, you've probably encountered their products inserted as samples in some of the local women's magazines. I love eating salads and Clara Ole has a number of salad dressings available in supermarkets now. I love the honey mustard and asian dressing! I can imagine myself opening a can of tuna in brine and then tossing it with the Clara Ole salad dressing. Ulam na siya! Wasabi was quite interesting too. I can't wait to try out the loot my Mom managed to bring home. I was surprised to see a number of new stuff in the kitchen cabinet, including chocolate syrup! Ahhh... chocolate marble hotcakes for merienda!

Love you Mom. Mwah.


  1. Cool Mom. :) My Mom too is an adventurista, but mostly she works works and works :)

    anyway, can I ask a little favor? Can you please vote for my church's entry for the AcerBiz contest to win an LCD Projector? Our church really needs one. Thanks! :)

  2. Sounds like a fun day for them. Happy Mother's Day to your mom! And to you too of course! :)

    PS I just love Clara Ole's Honey Mustard Dressing! hehe

  3. Hi,
    Clara Ole, sounds wonderful!
    Wanna try some, hope to find it here in our place.
    Lovely post.
    God bless.

  4. Belated Happy Mothers' Day to your mom.

    Belated HMD to you, too!