Tuesday, May 6, 2008

World Pyrolymics 2008 and Something for Moms

I spent more than 12 hours at the Mall of Asia last Saturday. My friends from SM advised that we should get a reservation in one of the restos if we were going to watch the Pyrolympics. Woke up early on Saturday and headed to MOA before lunch. After checking out the restos at the second floor we decided to reserve at UCC Cafe (the barge is right in front of it).

Since we had a few hours to waste Sweetie, Miguel, Andrew, Migs and the Misis, and I decided to do our own MOA food tour. We hopped from one resto to another and this is probably why my face now resembles a plate. Huhuhu. No more food tours for me muna!

I was quite excited about the event since I've never been to one. I heard about the monstrous traffic jams it caused last year, so I thought it must be really good. I was also looking forward to using my new camera (and put it on fireworks mode! LOL).

Here's a short video about the Pyrolympics, clips taken by me and Miguel... watch out for the heart-shaped fireworks!

And here's a couple of medyo matinong photos I took:

My Tsamba Photo. Fireworks with lightning.

Flower arrangement. Well that's how it looks to me.

Sea urchin.

Happy love fireworks.

Onslaught of colours.

At some point I stopped taking photos since I just wanted to enjoy watching. Besides the boys were busy doing that already. Most of them missed seeing the heart-shaped fireworks because they were busy looking at their camera's LCD. Haha. Good thing Miguel managed to capture it on video.


There's a FREE event for Moms (and you can come too even if you're not a Mom) sponsored by Clara Ole:

What: Adventurista, a mother's day celebration
Where: Taste Asia, Mall of Asia
When: May 9, 2008, 2 to 4 p.m.
What's in store for you:
- Make-over session (I like! I like!)
- Personality development (wonder if they can stop me from giggling too much)
- Healthy meals cooking demo (ooohhh! this is what I really need!)

To join, just leave a comment below or email me at me @ with the following details: name, age, civil status, number of kids and their ages and your email address.

I heard there are a lot of giveaways and food! This event is open to Mommy/Women bloggers and non-bloggers basta may SM Advantage card. You can view the event flyer here.

I'm probably bringing my Mom along, may pag-asa pa siguro kami matuto magluto =)

CONTEST FOR MOMS is hosting an essay writing contest for Moms and they'd love to get entries from the Philippines (they're based in the US). Kindly head over to for the contest details.


  1. at least i got to see the heart shaped fireworks here... i missed that.

    i hope to get my post of the pyro olympics online later.

    great pics sweetie ! I'm impressed !

  2. @jaydj - ganda ba pics? it's the cam! hahahaha. next time i'll try the manual settings you and Drew used =)

  3. great pictures and footage! the colors were so vivid. i wish I can do that with my camera!

  4. Thanks for the email, Aileen, Too bad I can't make it coz we are going out of town (feeling lang, balikan lang naman, hehe)

    Hope you have fun and I will wait for your photos. I love your Pyrolympics photos. Hope we can go there (been there for the past two years) too.

    Take care!

    Here is one link with your post that I made: Adventurista

  5. Hey, Aileen! Nice photos! You're using Canon G9 on this one, right? I am now more encouraged to buy. Thanks for posting.

  6. Ms. Aileen,
    Do we have Blogger's Party PART 3 at Taste Asia ba? Im at SM Hypermarket Sucat na. Ganda pics mo! I missed Mall of Asia.
    Best regards,
    Ms. Loida

  7. @majik - I was so frustrated with my old camera, but I managed to take some nice photos with it by tweaking some stuff... and gave up on taking night photos because it was just impossible to get good shots with its awful flash

    @julie - aww too bad, maybe next time. thanks for the plug!

    @abbie - yes I'm using the canon G9. get na! dali!

    @ms. loida - still planning, medyo busy sila miss josie and RK, maybe soon. punta ka ha =)

  8. awww that was awesome, thanks for sharing that. about that video, what country made that presentation?

    I 2nd anyone who said the photos looks great!