Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy 75th Birthday Dad

I thought May 19 was still a week away. It was my brother-in-law (who's visiting from the US) who reminded me about it when he greeted Dad in advance last Saturday night. This sent me into a panic because: (1) I'm the only child who's here in Manila; and (2) I have not planned anything to celebrate such a special day!

Both my parents prefer simple and practical gifts. They don't like big celebrations and just want to do things privately. I remember the time when we (my Ate, Kuya and me) connived to get them married again on their 35th wedding anniversary (they're celebrating their golden anniversary in 2 years). My Ate was tasked to whisk them away from the house while I had to oversee the physical arrangements and do the inviting and my Kuya did the legwork and took care of the caterer. We had about over 70 guests (relatives and neighbors) in the house surprise them. It was a great night and one of the rare times that we were complete.

I only had 24 hours to think of something. I had wanted to go and find the Flyworld pentop computer that I think would be very useful for Dad, but I was unfortunately confined to stay in after hearing mass because of a horrendous tummy ache. So, I had to be creative. Famous videographer Buddy Gancenia seconded my thoughts on Twitter the night before - do an AVP! Huwwhaaattt?!?

Since I had no other choice that's what I did the whole day. Scanned a gazillion photos and bugged my Ate and Kuya to contribute whatever they could send through email. So I finished the preso just now (and my tummy still hurts!) and I realized a lot of things while doing it.

1. I love my Dad very, very much. Now I understand why at some point he didn't want me to have a boyfriend. Because after all the disappointments I've been through fact is it's going to be really hard to measure up to all the love he's been giving me.

2. I would not be me if not for him (and Mom, of course). I wouldn't be who and where I am today if my parents did not give me all the love and care. I am very lucky to have been smothered with love.

3. 75 years... IS a long time to live. I'm just less than half-way the number of years my Dad has been in this world. I wonder if I'll be able to do so many wonderful things as he has done. (And I wonder if I would reach that age).

Oh well... Dad, you're staff will probably get to read this first before you do hehe.

Anyway, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you very much and thank you for being the greatest Dad in the whole, wide world.

(1) Dad in his basketball jersey. His shooting record is still unbeaten to this day.
(2) Dad's James Dean look.
(3) Dad carrying me at the rooftop of the ancestral house in Naga.
(4) Me and Dad in Bali. That's my Kuya who made singit while we were having our photo taken. That's my proof that he's more makulit than me (that's for his grad-school professor).