Friday, April 18, 2008

Shutdown Day

Can you live without your computer (or going online) for 24 hours?

I got curious about Migs Paraz' twit about it. I thought it included not using cellphones too. He clarified that he thinks you should not access the internet even through your cellphone. Well, I don't so that's going to be quite easy. The hard part would be not turning on my laptop for a whole day.

Anyway, ShutdownDay.Org is doing a global experiment. They want to find out how many people can live without their PCs/going online for a whole day. Of course, it would definitely result in saving energy.

I did a post about techno-stress a few days ago and I made it a policy to significantly reduce my PC time during weekends. I also try my best to cut-off time spent in front of a computer by 10 in the evening. I know, I always fail (it's 12:30 a.m. already and what am I doing blogging?).

Uh-oh, I should end this post now... I did sign-up for the challenge and said that I would stay offline on May 3. If you're up to it, then shimmy over to ShutDownDay.Org and sign-up for it.