Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ang Tsinelas

tsinelas = slippers = flipflops

It's something that each one of us have. It's something I personally cannot live without since I don't like getting my feet dirty. The feeling of alikabok drives me crazy, and getting my feet wet drives me insane (oh yes, maarte ako when it comes to my feet).

Anyway, I got an invitation from Havaianas a few weeks ago. They organized an event to launch "Flipping for the Beach", a contest about beaches in the Philippines. All you need to do is submit an entry by May 1, 2008 about your favorite beach place. If you win, you get to go to the destination you wrote about and you'll get featured on Studio 23. This activity is done in partnership with Studio 23 and is supported by the Department of Tourism. For more information kindly email promo (at)

The invitation actually made me think about how we use slippers and that's when I started gathering materials for this vlog. I showed it to my parents earlier and they were laughing their heads off. Watch and find out why -

I'm not fussy about my footwear. As long as I'm comfortable wearing it then it's gotta be good in my book. I also don't go for expensive stuff because I believe in being practical, plus mabilis ako magsawa. I got my first pair of Havaianas as a birthday gift. That was back in 2005 (the pink one) and then I bought a pair late in 2006 (was discounted at the Duty Free that's why). Both have traveled a lot already and I was quite surprised that the underside is still ribbed. Now what am I going to use as an excuse to buy a new pair?


  1. astig video. i like the "ipis" part. made me laugh aloud. pambihirang tsinelas.

    para sa akin importante ang tsinelas nung bata pa ako dahil ito ay gamit na gamit sa larong tumbang preso. mas malaki mas ok.

  2. Nakakatawa ang ipis... hahah.

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Ipis! *smash* dead :)

    I really like using flipflops when I don't have any formal occasions to attend, comfortable and free ka to all anything.

  4. Anonymous5:33 PM

    "No roaches were injured..."

    You mean that wasn't an actual ipis? But it looked so real...