Monday, April 28, 2008

The J.S. Manila Tour

Thank God it wasn't so hot today since we brought around Manila our Davao blogger-friends, Andrew, Ria, Winston, Blogie and Migs. Here was our itinerary:

The Binondo Round - walked around Quintin Paredes, the Binondo Church, Ongpin, and then around Reina Regente (?) then back to Savory. We had an interesting lunch at the Estero.

Intramuros - drove around for a bit until we settled at the San Augustine Church (my patron saint!) where we witnessed 3 weddings in the 2 hours we were there. Went around the museum as well.

Manila Bay Cruise - who would've thought of taking a cruise at Manila Bay? Well we did and we had so much fun taking photos.

Mall of Asia - ended up having merienda at Razon's (yummy halo-halo!) and then we tried to look for the non-existent Giligan's at the San Miguel Bay Park. We ended up having dinner at Gerry's Grill (most of us wanted sisig!) and we were joined by AJ, Benj, Jeff and Fritz. (Uyyy... sino bagong love team sa blogosphere? meron ba?).

Juned Sonido was the official tour guide. (Thanks so much Juned!).

And here's a special message for someone...


  1. ate aileen, kafunny ng mga ginawa nila kuya andrew!:D amfufuness, hindi na tayo friends, i hate you na, and sad face.. hahaha..:D i wish nakasama rin ako dyan.. happy birthday ulit ate ri..:D

  2. New love team? Fritz and R-- Jeff?

  3. sayang di kayo nag-168 at nag-Tutuban... it would have been nice to go bargain shopping.

  4. Anonymous4:16 PM

    great post............

  5. @Ate Aileen - THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! :D

    @Gwing - MISHU NA!

    @Ade - errr

  6. Sino ang bagong love team?! 0_o LULZ (Ade, may magagait pag si Jeff, puro kasi mga mapagpahiwatig ang mga videoke songs nya last night so malamang nagpapahiwatig sa ibang tao. Baka... hmmm... yung katabi nya kagabi?! 0_o jk! Also, baklang toh!)