Saturday, April 5, 2008

Looking for a Camera

The last time I got a camera was in 2006, the Kodak V603 which I featured in Episode 4 in You Got Tech. It's the camera I use both for photos and videos in this blog, but since I started doing vlogs I've been quite unhappy with the quality since it's just a 6.1MP camera, my videos have been grainy and it's not really good for evening photography.

It took me months before I settled with Happy (my laptop). It takes me a long time to purchase a gadget and sometimes it takes me over a year. I've actually been thinking about getting a new camera since middle of last year and I've been looking around eversince. I have quite a number of photography-addicted friends and they've been giving a lot of advise. I'm confused over getting a DSLR or a digicam.

These are my conditions:

1. I should be able to use it both for taking photos and videos.

2. The audio for the video feature should be quite good.

3. It should be quite easy to use. I don't read manuals and normally discover features when I'm using the camera. This means it should be idiot proof (that's why I stuck it out with Kodak for years).

4. Takes good quality photos (siyempre!) and good for taking photos at night (that's where I'm really frustrated over with my current cam).

5. I prefer charging the camera over using AA batteries.

6. It should not be huge. I always bring my camera anywhere I go. I also have small hands so it should allow me to grip it without difficulty.

7. Should allow me to easily upgrade the memory card. I take a lot of random photos and videos.

8. Should be below 30K.

Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.